About the material

Nowadays, we rarely have the opportunity to experience natural materials in our daily lives.

Most of them are coated or made of plastic or other chemical products.

I have created an architecture that allows us to feel nature with our five senses.

Hardware is one of the ways to achieve this.

That is why I always place importance on the nature and reality of the materials.

About the finish

Iron persimmon astringent grilled, flaxseed oil finish

The iron material before processing is covered with an oxide film called black skin. It is a film that protects itself from oxidation by combining with oxygen in the air when the iron is melted by high heat that cools and hardens.

Brass  Aging treatment with room temperature black dye

If nothing is applied to brass, it will naturally oxidize and gradually change from golden to brown. The process can be freely controlled with a normal temperature black dye. However, it does not dare to stop its oxidation. This is because brass is a material that enjoys its aging. I have three finishes available at the time of sale plain, natural, and brown, but none of them can be finished in exactly the same color. That is the goodness of natural materials.